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Let's just get to it then.

biggerKrissy is part of Amazon handmade! Get yo' beasts!
(BTW: Amazon is the only place to Get Yo' Beasts right now. bK HQ is stretched thin as shit.)

You seriously need a biggerCritter tote bag. How do I know? I've been pretty much living in one for the last few months. I make about $2/bag - so please buy them for everyone you know. You don't even have to like them.

AND last but not least ... the Kickstarter project - the biggerChronicles, vol 1! Read how the biggerCritters live and love and ... hate everything! Still writing, writing, writing. (It's going to be delicious.)

the biggerCritters.

1. These degenerates are all one of a kind. Even their names are all unique. Some might say too unique. But not you. You love them.

2. biggerKrissy guarantees each one to be even plushier, cuddlier and cuter in person. Unlike biggerKrissy, who is much saltier in person. Nope, even saltier than that.

3. Each is handmade by biggerKrissy. Otherwise you'd be at biggerLotsOfPeopleMakeThese.

4. You can have one custom made. Email to get started today!

Mo' Krissy, Mo' Problems

Here is the full eight-minute streaming video clip of biggerKrissy's segment on HGTV's "Crafters Coast to Coast." Everyone's favorite salty toymaker all there in her non-HD-There-Must-Be-a-God-of-Some-Sort Glory.

Did we mention she had the flu?

Sentiments Without Sentiment

There's only so much adorable cuteness a person can take. Especially a person who swears a lot and gets into a fair amount of trouble. It can be relentless.

Which leads us to biggerTees and biggerGreetings. Hate your best friend? Dating beneath you? Get around some?

We got you.


Pssst. Down Here.

The Beasties. More loathesome than you'd expect. Enjoy.

biggerChronicles, Vol 1. The definitive guide to the dark side of plush.
Kickstarter Update. Pretty clear.

OG Kickstarter. So much work. You ain't know. So so much work.


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