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Look, But Don't Touch.

There's nothing here right now. Maybe soon. Maybe never.

There's only so much of biggerKrissy to go around. Less than you think even, on account of she's about 97 years old on the inside (read the bio!).

As such, on this page live a bunch of old biggerCritters that rest in peace - mostly in the comfort of other people's homes. Other people clearly more fortunate than you.

All joking and taunting aside, some of those biggerCritters on the left are available. It'll just be a minute before they get listed. Angst Misbehavin' was such a tremendous amount of work that biggerKrissy is really just getting things back in order.

And since she's barely managing at a strong 21% of what regular people get (and whine incessantly about), things just take longer for her. No matter how good her intentions and strong her will.

But you should buy a copy of Angst Misbehavin' in the meantime. There are probably 2,409 biggerCritters in it. That should keep you almost as busy as biggerKrissy is.